• UphØld Security

    While Uphold offers 0% trading commissions, it charges for cryptocurrency purchases and sales that customers make on the platform. These spread fees are relatively high and can range from 0.8% to 1.2% for popular cryptocurrencies and go can go beyond this range for lower liquidity cryptocurrencies. Uphold also indicates spread fees may increase during times of market volatility.

    There are no withdrawal or deposit fees for personal accounts. Although, crypto network fees might apply when withdrawing to an uphold login external wallet as they would with any provider.

    While they of course can change with market conditions, Uphold charges the following spread fees on other asset classes:


    Uphold offers industry-standard security measures, including verification and two-factor authentication. The majority of user funds are held offline in cold storage, which is generally more secure than storing funds online in hot wallets. This company also provides users with basic guidance on security best practices and how to recognize and avoid scams.

    In addition, Uphold employs a bug bounty program through Intigriti, a third-party security company. Through this program, users can report bugs that they’ve encountered when using Uphold.